She wears her battle scars like a medal of honor, as a testament to her strength and independence. Her wounds are displayed like a trophy. They will always be with her. But out of brokenness she has found herself. Through her tears she has discovered her great worth. Walking through the pain she now knows what she has to offer the world. Only those closest to her are aware of what she has had to endure to become the evolved woman she is. To them, she is a hero. And although her spirit is strong, she is also soft and feminine … a goddess. Patiently she awaits the day when she is united with her true protector, her champion, the one who will find her, pursue her, and win her. Only a man who is a warrior of the heart is worthy of her fierce love. But he will find her. Her light will guide him safely home to her side. ~ Daniel Nielsenbattle scars

Hello world!  This is my very first blog on my new website.  It was my fondest wish to start off on a positive note but this is something close to my heart.  It may at first seem negative but I can assure you that the journey we all must take as ascending and evolving aspects of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, women’s pain and battle scars are important to discuss.  This will not be a bashing session of our masculine counterparts.  In fact the quote above is one I borrowed to prove that the Divine Masculine is indeed on the rise.  The journey we must embark upon is one that takes us into the vibration of the Divine Masculine so we can accomplish the soul work we came on this planet to do…together.  Male and Female Divine aspects of The All, our Source, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.  This is where our journey begins.

The Healing Journey

There comes a time in every woman’s life when shift happens.  It is subtle at first.  Just a feeling really.  We are going about our everyday lives unaware that the shift is taking place.  It starts with a thought, something that was never there before.  With that thought comes another and then another and suddenly we are asking questions.  Is there more to my life than this?  Do I have a purpose and if so what would that purpose be?  I know I am meant for more than what I’m doing now. It’s the beginning of the journey to find the authentic you.  The You that you truly are without labels.  It is also a journey of healing the deep wounds of our soul.  It is not a journey to embark on lightly because it is one of great pain.  As with anything we want to build there has to be a tearing down first.  What must be torn down is the walls of protection that we have built up, solid and strong.  So we think.  We must break down the barriers we put in the place where unconditional love abides.  This journey takes complete honesty, a close look in the mirror at one’s self without shame, blame or judgment.  A look at what is with detachment.  Look deeply in your own eyes and see how beautiful you are.  Continue to look even more deeply and feel the love of God inside you. Let it permeate through your heart as you feel the love of self join the love of God until the two become one.  That is the first step in the spiritual journey of the Goddess.




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